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Now In Our 10th Year!

Stage Werx Theatre
446 Valencia nr 16th
San Francisco

July 14, 2019 @ 7 p.m.

Barbara Brady photo

Barbara Brady

Father, Daughter, Holy Ghost

Growing up, it was “our house.” Now it’s “Dad’s house.” But baby sister seems to think it’s “her house.” She’s acting like a small squirt bottle of dishwashing soap is some kind of personal shrine, when everybody knows the real tabernacle of this kitchen is the toaster. These days, the simple act of making toast leads to thoughts of sororicide. What’s underneath all this and how far back does it go?

JonPaul Tilleman photo

JonPaul Tilleman

Did the Pompadour Burn in the Fire of the Phoenix?

Above the Playa on a tower of scaffolding, two men sit side-by-side. High Forrest, as his friends call him, asks the other man if he is enjoying himself. True curiosity glimmers in his eyes or is that the weed haze?

Janet Thornburg photo

Janet Thornburg

Tales of Great Ulysses

Lanny warned me before the party that his cousin Susan “wasn’t comfortable with gayness,” but I assumed she’d keep it under wraps in tolerant San Francisco. Not so! The saucy blonde let fly a nasty barb the moment Lanny introduced us. My response startled Susan, flabbergasted Lanny, and gave me a brand-new option for setting limits.

Julia Jackson photo

Julia Jackson

Worst. Boyfriend. Ever.

Can a bad boyfriend make you gay? No, just miserable. Beer drinking, shit talking, Camaro driving boyfriends are the skeletons in any good lesbian’s closet. Or was it just me?

July 28, 2019 @ 7 p.m.

Scott Cohen photo

Scott Cohen

Always Start with a Joke

Why do people laugh when someone tells a joke? Scott thought he knew the answer to this question. It’s because the joke is over. Scott had heard and retold thousands of jokes before his seventh birthday. He was intimately familiar with the pattern.

Step 1: Say some words;
Step 2: Pause;
Step 3: Say some more words;
Step 4: Everybody laughs.

Every joke was the same, until he heard the one about the elephant and the naked man. What the elephant said changed his world, forever.

Lisa Chu photo

Lisa Chu

Bad Asian Daughter

“Dr.” Lisa Chu has shown up in a music improvisation class, with no intention of actually improvising. She is perfectly content watching other people jamming to the blues. That is, until it’s her turn to solo. Frozen with fear, it’s four words spoken by a compassionate teacher that seem to save the day: “Play the wrong note.” The question is, which wrong note is she supposed to play?

Susie Chang photo

Susie Chang

We are tired. We are hungry. We are Chinese.

Susie is happily laying in bed when she hears a voice. Not the usual chatter in her mind, but a voice from outside of herself, a voice from beyond. It has a message for her – one no doubt, full of depth and truth. It tells her to dig in the trash. What she finds makes her confront her views on love, honesty, and just how Chinese she really is.

Sarah Elovich photo

Sarah Elovich

I’m All Yin

When Sarah wanders into a snake shop on her lunch break, she realizes she’s been working in a modern day Garden of Eden. But her body is running out of eggs, Adam hasn’t showed up yet, and the forbidden tree doesn’t even grow apples. What if the ancient story is true and her entire life is actually a curse?