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Now In Our 10th Year!

Stage Werx Theatre
446 Valencia nr 16th
San Francisco

July 22, 2018 @ 7 p.m.

Donna Chan photo

Donna Chan

The Next Time You See a Petite Asian Woman, Do Not Mistake Her Silence for Weakness. You Are Not Her First Rodeo.

First it was Bill Cosby. Then came Harvey Weinstein and 122 other men. When a radio host sexualizes Chloe Kim, a 17-year old Olympic Gold medalist, in 2018, Donna’s blood can barely boil before she’s told, “It’s not a big deal. Just calm down.” Donna is tired of being calm. Donna is tired of stifling years of harassment at the hands of men, of tamping down her anger and strangling her own voice. She can’t take it anymore and, boy, does she have a message for the world.

Trigger Warning: This show contains descriptions of sexual harassment and abuse, so please tend to yourself appropriately.

Tony Cyprien photo

Tony Cyprien

How Can You Rehabilitate Me When I Have Not Yet Been Habilitated?

We were walking in a single file line, when the homies ahead of us started to run. We pulled out the gun, thinking it was time. “Freeze! Hands over your head!” the police said. We lucky these two white boys didn’t shoot us dead. He asked whose gun is it. I reluctantly told him it was mine. And he didn’t hesitate to put the handcuffs on me down to the very last click.

Kathryn Keats photo

Kathryn Keats

The Hummingbird

A young singer and her music director, lover man, are invited to meet with the biggest agent, at the biggest talent agency in the world. The meeting is one of those chances a showbiz writing couple waits for forever. Everything is perfect. Except the contract.

Kenny Yun photo

Kenny Yun

Couch Potato Panda Rituals

It’s 1:30 a.m. Kenny is paralyzed on the couch. Bay Area new agers told him to move on so it should be easy. Texting him memes of unicorns shitting zen quotes and rainbows fixes everything, right? But mom died. He can’t move. Lying there for nine hours. Nothing has worked for grief but willing to try anything. He crawls off the couch. Lights candles. Burns incense. Chants Klingon.