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446 Valencia nr 16th
San Francisco
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June 4, 2017 @ 7 p.m.

Abas Idris photo

Abas Idris

Channeling Some Remote Feelings

In an empty classroom, a history teacher is staring at a kid who is in detention for being the class clown. The teacher walks over to the kid slowly, and sits next to him. After a few moments of dramatic silence, the teacher says: "You can make all the jokes you want, but one day you’ll have to face the fact that life is no laughing matter." As Abas watches this scene on his TV screen, he realizes that the teacher is talking directly to him. TV is supposed to be entertainment, not life lessons. What do you do when changing the channel doesn’t change your story?

Lindsey Ayotte photo

Lindsey Ayotte

White Girl Wasted

There are a lot of qualities Lindsey truly loves about herself but give her a glass of chilled rosé and her cringeworthy "white girl wasted" side comes out to play. Lindsey likes to think she is above saying and doing embarrassing things. Turns out this attitude is compromised when intoxicated while making online purchases.

Phil Surkis photo

Phil Surkis

Happy People Do Not Play the Bass

Phil fidgeted with his handwritten notecard for the whole 7-mile bus ride, resisting the urge to let the humid New England airstream carry it out the window. Now face to face with the record shop bulletin board, he was forced to make a decision. Once a fantasy, starting a band could now actually become a real thing. A really scary, real life thing. Not feeling very musician-like, he did just spend an hour on a bus. Ambivalence was no longer an option.

Pablo Ramirez photo

Pablo Ramirez

The Woeful Wait

It's time! Pablo has put it off long enough! The year's almost up and the doctor is in. It's time for Pablo's yearly physical. This is a necessary and healthy event, but at what cost?! He has only had awkward and painful experiences at the doctor's office. But he must do what he has to. Or he can turn around and go home.