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Now In Our 9th Year!

Stage Werx Theatre
446 Valencia nr 16th
San Francisco

December 10, 2017 @ 7 p.m.

Tina D'Elia photo

Tina D'Elia

OverLooked Latin@s

Puerto Rican Butch Dyke, Angel Torres fantasizes over hotel drinks of becoming a big time Television Director but she must convince her wife Lena to abandon her dream of motherhood in LA. Lena has other plans with a mysterious Latino suitor who offers to impregnate her. Only Carla Garcia, Angel’s best friend, can interrupt this affair before it’s too late.

Reha Zamani photo

Reha Zamani

Don’t Call Me Fashia

Lelia is all grown up and trying to figure out the difference between being a Fashia and a respectable lady. She asks her cousin Shelia for advice about the best way to meet men. “You want to meet guys, you have to go more and more to bars with your girlfriends. You have to work out and lose your love handles. You asked me so I’m not going to sugar coat this for you. Guys don’t like girls with love handles and you can’t wear that black eyeliner. It makes you look like a…” What will Lelia do? Be a Fashia or be the person everyone else wants her to be?

Harriet Patterson photo

Harriet Patterson

Sail On

When Dad suggested a wildlife park, it sounded like a fun idea! But now I’ve got a giant hungry ostrich staring me down in the backseat of this Le Car. And the only thing separating my face from his beak is a bucket of food pellets… which just spilled all over my lap.