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Now In Our 9th Year!

Stage Werx Theatre
446 Valencia nr 16th
San Francisco

January 21, 2018 @ 7 p.m.

Bruce Pachtman photo

Bruce Pachtman

50 People Who Look Just Like Me

The only thing left to do at this point, is sign the contract. Bruce just needs to meet with the casting director — which he’s about to do — but that’s just a formality. Even if the movie goes straight to video, he will be set for a long, long time.

Sarah Ihn photo

Sarah Ihn

Maybe You Will Become the President of Senegal

Sarah is rushing to get to her friend Hanh’s house. She told Omma about it three hours ago, and yet Omma is still on Sarah’s case. “Where are you going? What about dinner? Are you really going to Hanh’s, or are you hanging out with boys at the mall like that one time?” All in Korean. Sarah responds, all in English. By the way, this happened last week. Sarah is thirty-five years old and married.

Ronen Sberlo photo

Ronen Sberlo

Experts, Assholes and True Believers

Ronen has a flight booked that leaves in three hours, but he doesn’t know if he’ll be on it. He’s living at a spiritual retreat center where even talking about leaving is taboo. Will he leave? What will he say? Is this the end of his spiritual journey, or the beginning of a new one?

Ady Lady photo

Ady Lady


As the line begins to crest Hippie Hill, the guy in front slows down. A second later he spins and takes out the woman behind him. Some uncle tries to be a hero, winds up on his ass, and suddenly a Segway is wandering off, sans rider, into some nearby bushes. As Ady watches the carnage play out and begins to ponder the ensuing accident report, all she can think is, “Where do I begin?”

February 11, 2018 @ 7 p.m.

Julia Jackson photo

Julia Jackson

Man Enough to Be a Girl

Julia hasn’t worn a dress since her 8th Grade Graduation in 1977. How hard could it be to buy a wedding gown? Hard. YouTube videos and duct tape are apparently not helping. Now she has to go with the nuclear option: call Mom. What could go wrong?

Pablo Ramirez photo

Pablo Ramirez

Al Comal

On today’s show, host Pablo Ramirez will teach us how to make flour tortillas AL COMAL. The recipe he uses has been passed down to him from older generations and has never been shared before, until today. Watch as he stumbles making something so simple, yet complicated. We forgot to mention: Pablo has never made these tortillas before… UP NEXT on AL COMAL.

Nina G photo

Nina G

Stutterer Interrupted: The Making of a Stuttering Stand Up Comedian

“You need to get up at that open mic you’re going to,” Nina said to the man she was dating who stuttered like she did. “Being a stuttering stand up comedian would be hot!” He showed no interest in comedy, but Nina did. In fact, being a comedian was her secret fantasy since she was a girl. As a disability advocate she encouraged others to follow their dreams. Something she did quite skillfully. Wasn’t it about time that Nina followed hers? She could be the world’s only stuttering female comedian. No, wait, that’s a bad idea. Too hard. Though she could try it once. Why not just once?

Chuck Nevius photo

Chuck Nevius

Anywhere in the World for Another Five a Week

Until I got the phone call everything was going along nicely. I was the young local sports reporter, covering home town sports at the second-largest newspaper in the third-largest city in Colorado. Then the phone rang in my little studio apartment. The paper, I was told, has been sold and the media conglomerate that bought it is bringing in a new sports editor up from their headquarters in Oklahoma. Seriously? Some Okie hick is going to be our boss? That’s crazy. And it was, only not in the way I thought.