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Now In Our 9th Year!

Stage Werx Theatre
446 Valencia nr 16th
San Francisco

March 25, 2018 @ 7 p.m.

Phil Surkis photo

Phil Surkis

Happy People Do Not Play the Bass

Phil fidgeted with his handwritten notecard for the whole 7-mile bus ride, resisting the urge to let the humid New England airstream carry it out the window. Now face to face with the record shop bulletin board, he was forced to make a decision. Once a fantasy, starting a band could now actually become a real thing. A really scary, real-life thing. Not feeling very musician-like, he did just spend an hour on a bus. Ambivalence was no longer an option.

Harriet Patterson photo

Harriet Patterson

Sail On

When Dad suggested a wildlife park, it sounded like a fun idea! But now I’ve got a giant hungry ostrich staring me down in the backseat of this Le Car. And the only thing separating my face from his beak is a bucket of food pellets… which just spilled all over my lap.

Marion Lovinger photo

Marion Lovinger

water and whine

Paris, 1992, Marion is 32. She has a date tonight. Hopefully, someone different from her usual losers. They meet in a gourmet restaurant. That’s a good start. He is handsome, he works, he has a car, he is single, he likes his wine, he smokes. Marion is confident that she has met the Charming Prince. Nothing can go wrong around a duck confit and a bottle of Cahors.

Barbara Selfridge photo

Bárbara Selfridge

Sex, Math and Seizures

My brain-damaged sister has a rash. Or is it a life-threatening allergic reaction to one of her anti-convulsant medicines? Whichever it is, she’s at the emergency room, and she’s crying, and my stupid father can just shut up about his prime numbers, acid reflux and Viagra.

April 8, 2018 @ 7 p.m.

Sarah Matsui photo

Sarah Matsui

Hello, Boar – You Must Be Hungry

It’s 1994 in Hawaii, the water is cold, the sky is velvety black, and six-year-old Sarah is night diving with her dad. When something bright green flashes ahead, he takes off with his flashlight and spear, and leaves Sarah to fend for herself in the middle of the Pacific. Maybe later she can ask questions about identity, family, and what stories get passed down. But for now, she’s focused on staying afloat.

Lee Archer photo

Lee Archer

I am trying to think of some way to make the title shorter because this one is way too long I think we can all agree.

I look down and realize I am standing on a stage in San Francisco. It feels good, familiar, like something out of an excerpt from a live solo show. I hear myself telling you and the rest of the audience the story about how I was seven years old at summer day camp and was sitting at the picnic table during lunch one day when one of the other kids tried to eat a blueberry Hostess Fruit Pie. Am I being unfair to him, that kid, talking about this all these years later? Though for all I know he is on a different stage somewhere else right now talking about me.

Kate Robards photo

Kate Robards


His and hers. And hers. And his. And sex. And sex clubs. And love. And therapy. Kate has everything she’s ever dreamed of. So does Kate’s husband’s girlfriend. Armed with the sex positive ethos of The Ethical Slut, she enters the world of Polyamory.

Bruce Pachtman photo

Bruce Pachtman

50 People Who Look Just Like Me

In five minutes, Bruce will audition for the lead in a major motion picture. The audition is really just a formality. The role is clearly his. Bruce is pretty sure of it. It’s not supposed to be this easy. Is it possible that they’ll ask him to sign a contract today?