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Now In Our 10th Year!

Stage Werx Theatre
446 Valencia nr 16th
San Francisco

April 14, 2019 @ 7 p.m.

Kelly J. Kelly photo

Kelly J. Kelly

Stepford Wife Wannabe

From the age of five, all Kelly wanted to do was become an airline stewardess. One day, she and her twin lined up all of their stuffed animals on the stairway at home and pretended the toys were the passengers in a DC-8 fan jet. There were even some celebrities on board: Strawberry Shortcake and Winnie the Pooh. They flew that stairway all over the nation. Why wouldn’t Kelly become a stewardess?

Irma Herrera photo

Irma Herrera

Have You Ever Wanted to Un-Read or Un-Know Something?

We know our two-year old will enjoy the upcoming Easter Egg Hunt, and we look forward to the Sunday Brunch at Tricia and Dave’s home. We aren’t close friends, but I feel great warmth toward her. Just days after we adopted an adorable 11-month old boy, Tricia calls to tell me that her daughter is headed to pre-school and their nanny is looking for a job. A vetted babysitter recommended by a friend? Manna from heaven. I was so grateful to Tricia.

Steve Budd photo

Steve Budd

What They Said About Love

She’s always had crushes on guys from New Jersey. She knows her future husband is going to be from New Jersey. She just knows it. Then she meets this guy from Baltimore. That won’t work. Will it?

Evelyn Jean Pine photo

Evelyn Jean Pine

The Far Side of The Moon is Closer Than You Think

Mother and daughter stand, staring at the moon over Bernal Hill. Wanna-be astronaut Cilia is so entranced, she barely notices when her mother nudges a crisp $20 into her fist. “You’re fourteen years old,” Mom says. “I’m done. You’re on your own.” Car door slams, motor revs, mother gone. Peering at that waning crescent, Cilia makes a solemn vow. “Mom, I promise you, the next person I see, I’m gonna bang.”

April 28, 2019 @ 7 p.m.

We Shouldn’t Talk About That

With Thao P. Nguyen, Sarah Matsui and Kenny Yun

Kenny Yun photo

Kenny Yun

The Couch Potato Panda Rituals

Kenny is paralyzed on the couch day after day. Having Ramen doordashed again and again. Bay Area new agers told him to move on so it should be easy. Texting him memes of rainbows and unicorns fixes everything, right?

Sarah Matsui photo

Sarah Matsui

Hello, Boar – You Must Be Hungry

It’s 1994 in Hawaii, the water is cold, the sky is velvety black, and six-year-old Sarah is night diving with her dad. When something bright green flashes ahead, he takes off with his flashlight and spear, and leaves Sarah to fend for herself in the middle of the Pacific. Maybe later she can ask questions about identity, family, and what stories get passed down. But for now, she’s focused on staying afloat.

Thao P. Nguyen photo

Thao P. Nguyen


Thao’s Buddha is gone. Someone took it. She didn’t lose it, or misplace it, or forget it somewhere. Someone took it. She knows it was stolen. She doesn’t know when or how it was taken, but she’s 100% determined to get it back.