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Now In Our 10th Year!

Stage Werx Theatre
446 Valencia nr 16th
San Francisco

September 16, 2018 @ 7 p.m.

Paul Sussman photo

Paul Sussman

The Wrong Kind of Pessimism

I bought it for 99 cents, off the remainder table. Just for the title…and the tantalizing promise of the pessimism I might find inside. That was 35 years ago. Now the world is heading off a cliff, I’m at wit’s end, and pessimism is respectable again. Today I’m finally opening that book.

Jill Vice photo

Jill Vice

A Fatal Step

Tonight, she’s got it all figured out. A silk nighty, a couple of candles, and that perfume that drives him absolutely wild. Our femme fatale is poised on her velvet chaise lounge primed for seduction, but Frank he just walks on by. Something is terribly wrong. Has his career in podiatry lost its footing? Sometimes a dame has to take matters into her own hands, but good intentions can lead to…MURDER.

Tina D'Elia photo

Tina D’Elia

OverLooked Latin@s

It’s January 21st and Angel thinks she’s having one of the best days of her life. She’s gaining buy-in from an NBC producer to sign onto her show she’s directing with her buddy Carla. But let’s face it folks. Some butch dykes don’t know high femme lesbian drama until it’s staring at them in the face. Carla tries to warn Angel but big starry-eyed dreams of tv success is all Angel can see.

Fred Pitts photo

Fred Pitts

The California Missions and Race Tour

Summer 2012. Fred is standing in the middle of a California Mission Church. He is with a docent and 3 other visitors. One is an expert on the Catholic Church. One is an expert on the plight of the Native Americans. The third is an expert on…everything else. They stare at Fred. Is his fly open? Hair mussed? They have one thing in common. They are all experts on which famous black person Fred resembles.