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Now In Our 11th Year!

Stage Werx Theatre
446 Valencia nr 16th
San Francisco


Thursday, September 28, 2023 @ 7:00

Join us on Thursday for our final Solo Sundays!

Marga Gomez photo

Marga Gomez

Latin Standards

Marga’s dad always said “you have to spend money to make money.” So Marga buys 25 folding chairs from Craigslist to get rich. It’s 2012 and she’s going to launch a comedy night called “Latinos Who Can’t Speak Spanish” at “Esta Noche” a Latino drag club on 16th and Mission. This is a corner that can still scare white people, especially Marga’s girlfriend. Really there was only one obstacle to the success of her big show. Miguel, the club owner, was missing.

Janet Thornburg photo

Janet Thornburg

The Worry-O-Meter

I meet up with Mom at the Women’s Resource Center on Main Street. I haven’t seen her for two years.
Mom introduces me to a couple of volunteers who are about my age.
“You’re so lucky to have a mother like Betty!” one of them says to me.
“Really!” the other one says. “She’s so smart and so progressive!”
“Thanks,” I say, but I’m thinking, What? Are we talking about the same woman?
The volunteers walk out with us, joking with Mom, obviously crazy about her. They’re not in the least impressed when I mention that I live in San Francisco. What’s going on here?
It hits me hard. My mom is now way cooler than I am!

Wayne Harris photo

Wayne Harris

Ruth and John

I knew this woman named Ruth. Her face was round like the moon and when she smiled…her cheeks puffed up like biscuits rising. She loved babies and singing in the church choir…and she made the best banana pudding I have ever had. Yes Lord!, the best banana pudding I have ever had. And then…there was my father.

Bruce Pachtman photo

Bruce Pachtman

Since When Did You Start Speaking in the Third Person?

All the man said to Bruce is “Thank you” but for some reason, Bruce is unable to respond. Is Bruce in a bad mood? Distracted? Aloof? Or is Bruce rendered speechless because the man who just said, “Thank you” is one of the biggest rock legends in history? Why would one of the biggest rock legends in history be thanking Bruce anyway?