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Now In Our 11th Year!

Stage Werx Theatre
446 Valencia nr 16th
San Francisco

December 4, 2022 @ 7:00

For the safety of everyone, attendees are required to wear a mask at all times in Stage Werx.

Everyone will be asked to show proof that they’ve been vaccinated plus an ID.

The health of attendees is of prime importance to us.

Paul Sussman photo

Paul Sussman

Beyond Belief

I’m in a small, clammy room in a basement. Cinder block walls, covered with layers of gray paint. Flickering fluorescent lights. Hard chairs, tattered posters. North Korea? One of those CIA Dark Sites? Nope. It was Sunday school. Just me and God. Oh – and Suzie Kimmel.

David Kleinberg photo

David Kleinberg

He Wants to Run

My wife and I buy this vacation home on the Russian River in Cloverdale. And I start to go running up there because there’s no place that I can play what I love more than anything else – basketball. But every time I head out to run from my house, my neighbor’s damn dog keeps jumping up on me and trying to run with me. I don’t really like dogs. My neighbor reluctantly agrees to keep his dog in his backyard when I run, but when I go out to run the next day, the damn dog jumps the fence. He just won’t leave me alone!!! What the hell am I supposed to do? My wife scowls at me: “David, what is it about you and dogs?”

Annamarie MacLeod photo

Annamarie MacLeod

Reflections of Medusa/p>

After a one-night-stand with a much (um…much) older man (errr…god), heart-broken teenage Medusa swears off love for good. But men just won’t leave her alone. “Hey, doll! I got something for you! Hey, mama – look at me!” So I do. It’s so satisfying when looks can kill. How is his death my fault, again?

Pearl Louise photo

Pearl Louise

I Told My Kids It Would Be Alright. I Lied.

Pearl is about to answer a phone call. It’s a normal day, normal routine, but everything changes with a simple hello. Suddenly, Pearl is pulled into a world she cannot control or understand. Promises were made and deals were broken. How is she gonna save her son? She can’t call the police, that’s not how the street game works. A deal is a deal. If you don’t honor it? Bad for you. Pearl, a single mother, drops off her other kids at school. She is acting as calm as she can, sitting in the driver’s seat, clutching the steering wheel, and gazing out the front windshield as children on campus are heading to class. Pearl must hurry, the clock is running out! She looks at her watch and can almost hear the tick, tick, tick.